Online Remote Support

An operating system (OS) works as a medium of communication between you and your computer, apart from executing programs and apps. In case you have issues with your OS and you are not able to run your PC, then there is no need to panic. Our trained technicians will help your system recover from this crisis.
We Provide Support For:
  • MAC OS X
  • Microsoft OS Support
  • Microsoft Window 7/8.1
  • MAC OS X Installation
  • Windows 7/8.1 Installation
  • Microsoft Window 7/8 Upgrade
  • Microsoft Window Vista
  • Microsoft Window Xp
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
Our technicians will fix your OS-related problems that may be either related to difficulty in browsing, software conflicts or compatibility issues. Today different PCs, laptops, smartphones have different operating systems, which need to be tackled and fixed under strict technological guidance and compliance norms etc.
Be it your PC or laptop coming from reputed brands like Compaq, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic, Acer or Mac, our technicians can fix it by taking appropriate measures and minimum time. If you require operating system support for your PC or smartphone then you simply need to call our number 1-416-894-0503. Our expert technicians will immediately get back to you and fix the issue with your OS. We will help you with iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets as well. We will remotely access your computer via the Internet and resolve the query online by taking the minimum possible time.

You use it every day for online communication, shopping and online entertainment. They can dramatically change the way you interact with the web, and they’re free. What if they are not working according to your liking throwing unwanted popup and taking a lifetime to connect to your important TV show on the internet?
You might be under attack from some malware or the driver updates are not properly done according to your requirement.
We are here to stop all your worries and let us relax and enjoy your way through the web world.
Our Technical Experts can help with all these below issues:
  • Providing Microsoft Internet Explorer support
  • Finding why Internet Explorer has encountered a problem
  • Fixing an Internet Explorer script error
  • Internet Explorer error messages
  • Desktop and laptop driver issues and updates
  • Google Chrome extensions
  • Finding why Internet Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close
  • Google Chrome plug-in
  • Firefox will not stay offline after reboot
  • Fixing Firefox problems
  • Discovering why Firefox causes a computer hangup
  • Internet Explorer not working properly
  • Internet Explorer not responding
  • Finding why Firefox is slow
  • Upgrading Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome themes
  • JavaScript is not working in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Office is a comprehensive package that meets most our day to day business needs. Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook and other programs offer an array of features.
We’ll set up and install your Microsoft Office
We’ll make sure that it is working fine by tuning the performance.
We’ll make sure you have the latest drivers and updates.
We’ll get you started working on it hassle free.
We will support any kind of issues regarding your Microsoft Office setup:
  • Microsoft Office installation problems
  • Fixing Microsoft Word problems
  • Word recovery restore
  • Excel recovery wipe
  • Help with Microsoft Office Excel
  • File recovery Excel
  • Cannot start Microsoft office Outlook
  • Help with a Word recovery disaster
  • Convert PowerPoint to video
  • Excel recovery Windows
  • Help installing PowerPoint
  • Problems with Outlook Mail
  • Converting PDF to PowerPoint
  • How to disable Outlook spam filter
  • Words/images not displaying correctly
  • Compatibility Problems
  • Print status not showing

Whether you need help installing Adobe Acrobat Professional, or something in your computer is conflicting with Adobe Acrobat Reader and causing it to crash every time you open it. We are standing by ready to fix your problem.
So whether you’re in the office and need help with Acrobat Professional, or your free download of Adobe Acrobat simply isn’t behaving as it should, contact usa. We can help you with those problems and many more:
  • Help with Adobe Acrobat
  • Problems with converting Acrobat Pro PDF to Word doc
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro activation error
  • Software and app installation
  • Issues with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Flash is everywhere on the Internet. From watching videos on YouTube, to playing games, to graphic-intensive sites, you’re likely to see Adobe Flash every day if you do much Web surfing. But what if the Adobe Flash player isn’t playing nice with your computer? We can install Adobe Flash player and troubleshoot your computer. Every so often, Adobe issues an update for their Flash player. These updates could improve the stability of the program and close any security holes that may have been discovered. It’s important that you keep up with these updates. Adobe Flash makes surfing the Internet more fun and exciting. Don’t miss out on this. If your computer is having a hard time running Flash player, let us help.

Communicating on an instant messenger application can be fun and increase productivity. After all, it happens instantly, right? But what if your mobile instant messaging or online messaging isn’t sending or receiving the way it should? It could be a software conflict or something isn’t set up correctly. Let us take a look and resolve the issue for you.
We answer and provide support for all kinds of technology-related questions. That’s why we decided to call our company Tech Temecula helpdesk because we’re here to support you. Part of this means answering questions like this—all with the patience and respect you deserve.
Not everyone is a computer expert. We understand this. So whether you’re seeking help on how to use instant messaging (and trust us, it’s really fun once you get the hang of it), or you have some other computer problem that you need fixed, contact us.
Yahoo Messenger
AIM chat
AIM downloading
Windows Live Messenger
AIM Quick Buddy
AIM instant messages
AIM chat rooms
Windows Live Messenger Plus
AIM Plus
Yahoo Instant Messenger
Seeing your chat partners as you instant message with them only doubles the fun. Many laptops come with a webcam installed; but if you don’t already have one, there are webcams available for a relatively low cost.
To use your webcam with instant messaging, it first has to be set up, however. Along with installing your instant messenger software, ask our Technical Experts to configure your webcam so that it works with your instant messaging application (if it allows this option).
After all, why just say “hi” to your grand kids when you can see them live, too?

If you play music or movie files on your computer, there’s a good chance you’ve used Windows Media Player for Vista, Windows 7 or XP. But, no software plays perfectly 100% of the time. So if you need help with Windows Media, contact us. We’ll find and fix the problem, whatever it may be.
As you may know, Windows Media Player is bundled with the Windows operating system, like Vista or XP. It can play music and movie files, and much more. Which version of Windows Media Player you have depends upon which version of Windows you own. Windows Media Player 11 comes with Windows Vista and can be downloaded for Windows XP.
For Real Video formats, you need to use Real Video Player.
Since every computer is different in some way, sometimes software applications encounter an error that causes them to freeze or crash. Determining the exact cause of this problem is impossible without taking a look at what’s going on in your computer.
Fortunately, we can do this without you even leaving your home.
At Sandeep Srivastava, we can help you with all kinds of computer problems, like:
  • Installing codecs
  • Helping you update Windows Media Player
  • Installing a DVD codec for Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player
  • Windows Mobile Media Player
  • Sync file formats according to the player
Aside from playing some music and movie files, what else can you do with Windows Media Player? Plenty.
Here’s just a sample of what you can accomplish with the right hardware:
  • Installing codecs
  • Helping you update Windows Media Player
  • Installing a DVD codec for Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player
  • Windows Mobile Media Player
  • Sync file formats according to the player
Aside from playing some music and movie files, what else can you do with Windows Media Player? Plenty. Here’s just a sample of what you can accomplish with the right hardware:
  • Burn DVDs
  • Make MP3 playlists
  • Enable and download visualizations
  • DVD ripping
  • Media streaming
Why miss out? Ask us to help unlock all of the Windows Media Player capabilities for you.
Compression software’s helps the data to be compressed in smaller size in order to save space but sometimes the compressed data are unable to open and that is a big problem if you have your important document in there.
We Provide:
  • Support to any of the compression software’s like WinZip, WinRar etc.
  • We’ll make sure that it is working fine.
  • We’ll make sure you have the latest drivers and updates.
  • We’ll get you started working on it hassle free.
Some common problems are
  • Opening up with a pop up message.
  • Data compression is not done properly.
  • Compressed data is unable to de-compress.
  • Password protected file is not taking the password.
  • CD/DVD Burning Software Support
This software helps the user to take the backup of data into a CD/DVD but what if the software not working and are unable to take the backup of data. From time to time the backup of data is necessary because data can get corrupted by the virus attack.
Support to any of the CD/DVD Burning software’s like Nero, Roxio etc.
We’ll make sure that it is working fine.
We’ll make sure you have the latest drivers and updates.
We’ll get you started working on it hassle free.
Some common problems are
  • Opening up with a pop up message.
  • Burning of CD/DVD gets failed.
  • Data Burned are not showing into the CD/DVD.

Virus removal is an absolute necessity for the protection of your computer. Viruses can get installed on your computer and infect other computers on the network. It can slow down the system and cause immense damage to data that you have accumulated on your system.
Virus is a computer program that replicates itself across more than one computer system. It spreads from one computer to other in the form of an executable code. Its mode of multiplication is via the Internet and also via removable medium like USB drive, DVD, floppy disc and CD. Virus infection can also spread to other computers in case one computer on the network is virus infected.
Opting for virus removal will ensure protection from all types of online threats. Antivirus software is the best solution for keeping your system safe. It is here that resolve can provide you just the type of service that you so require.
Sandeep Srivastva’s tech experts can setup and install antivirus software for protecting your PC. We can assist you in detecting and removing all types of viruses.
We Provide Support For Removing
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Trojans
  • Malware
  • Other types of infection

If your computer is unable to fulfill your expectations or behaving strangely, you should look out for PC optimization services. Being lenient can cause you loss valuable data. Think about your data importance and find out what kind of services you want for smooth computing.
The array of computer optimization includes Antivirus installation, performing an automatic scan, virus/spyware removal, removing unwanted files, services, background processes, and programs, Windows updation, and hard drive defragmentation. You can also for tips and tweaks to keep your computer in good condition.Computer optimization helps to clean the mess collected on your system’s hard disk. You can see random improvements in your computer’s working. Once your Pc is optimized, you not be annoyed by any pop-ups or futile programs.
You can ask your computer support technician to load just useful programs and back-up your data. This will make your system run like a brand new system. In fact, these resources also provide exclusive computer service suites for small to medium size businesses whose operations hinge on network availability. People are fast embracing online computer support to save their valuable data from being lost due to any human error or theft or virus attack. Another advantage of these services is their availability which serve as one of the most attractive aspects to grab the attention of computer enthusiasts. So don’t let computer errors become a fact of your life.
We Provide Support For
  • Slow start up and PC shutdown problems
  • Slowing down of your PC if numerous windows are open
  • Poor performance
  • Blue Screen & Black Screen

If you think having a home network means nothing more than connecting your laptop to the Internet wirelessly, do we have news for you! Depending upon your peripherals, home networking can offer exciting things like printing from multiple computers; saving and sharing data amongst your computers with ease; gaming with others; and even more benefits you don’t want to miss.
Just a few years ago, the majority of time someone spoke about home networking, it meant that the person had two computers wired together. That was pretty much the extent of it. Now though, even basic computer networking offers much more than we could have dreamed of a decade ago. Regular household devices from gaming consoles, to MP3 players, to even refrigerators (yes, refrigerators!) are now networking-capable. The advantages of wireless networking in your home are numerous:
Your devices can “talk” to one another
Some can share resources and capabilities (e.g., streaming movies or music from your hard drive onto your TV)
You can expand the capabilities of one device by using the strengths of another (e.g., an alarm clock that greets you with music from an Internet station)
As technology progresses, this interconnectivity over home networks will only increase. But for those who might not know how to build a home network, there is a level of complexity to overcome. This is where PC Tech Specialist can help.
Internet Connection
From Internet connection speeds dropping, to adding your new laptop to your network and the Internet —PC Tech Specialist is ready 24/7 to help with your wireless Internet connection. Contact PC Tech Specialist about your Internet connection problems.
We’re here to help you with everything from a Linksys router setup, Netgear router login or connecting the to the Internet. Plus, you’ll be speaking with someone here at home in the U.S. or Canada. We can even run an Internet connection speed test to track down whether your problem exists in your home or with your ISP.
It might take you hours to do all of this by yourself. But with PC Tech Specialist, you can simply contact us and relax. After a brief setup, you’re free to do whatever you like.
Your connection is much slower than it should be. Where’s the problem located?
Your ISP
Your networked device (computer, printer, network drive, etc.)
Your settings
Your router
All of the above
If you’re the type who always went with a guess on an “E” type answer on school tests, then you probably got quite a few questions correct. But it’s different when you fix Internet connection problems. The real-life answer may be none of those or something else entirely different. It takes the kind of high level experience we have to know for sure.
At Sandeep Srivastava, we won’t just guess at the cause, or shift the problem to someone else. We’ll work hard to fix your connection issues, period.

You want to be able to move freely from one location to another without having wires tying you down? Want to know how to set up a wireless internet connection? A wireless internet connection is a must for today’s lifestyles and technologies. Having to set up a laptop’s wireless network connection by yourself can often lead to frustration and disappointment. Your new laptop or netbook will enjoy a safe and professional service with our highly trained and experienced Technical Expert, while you enjoy the results. Our methods are industry proven and customer care is always our priority. You will feel valued and, most importantly, you will be treated like a real person. In just a few minutes you and your wireless laptop or netbook will be surfing the web from your couch or chair or patio. Do you have concerns about your wireless security or being hacked? Our Wireless Internet Connection service includes the security measures required to stay safe in today’s technological world. You will rest easy, knowing that your wireless connection is protected from unwanted intrusions. Our wireless internet connection services include:
  • Configuring your wireless router.
  • Configuring your wireless laptop or netbook.
  • Establishing Wireless security.
  • Testing and confirming your wireless connection.
  • Providing insight and education about wireless safety.
  • Making things simpler and easier to understand.
  • LAN Setup
If you would like to share information and other resources between two computers (or more), PC Tech Specialist can help you. Without you leaving your home, we can set up your network right now. Enjoy benefits like sharing an Internet connection, music and videos, and much more between your home computers. Contact us and we’ll do all the work for you.
We make connecting two computers easy.
The Benefits of Connecting Two Computers
Moving beyond a mere nicety, home networking is now more of a necessity. By connecting two computers together, you can share resources between the two. Examples of this could include:
  • Sharing Internet access between two computers
  • Saving files as backup copies with ease
  • Storing MP3s and movies on one computer, while playing them on another
  • Playing local area network games with zero lag time
Connecting two computers with Ethernet cable isn’t that difficult. Simply purchase your Cat-5 cable (the same you likely use with your broadband modem). You’ll find it available at just about any department store in the electronics section. It’s relatively inexpensive.
You’re then ready to be connected, but you can’t share files yet. That requires a little more work.
We Know How to Connect Two Computers via USB
Depending upon what hardware you have, you may be able to connect using the plug and play simplicity of USB ports and a router. This could help with transferring files from your desktop to your laptop or vice-versa.
As with any networking though, doing this requires more than simply plugging in cables.
Contact us and we’ll connect everything for you. We’re available to help, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Nowadays, having two or more computers in a household is fairly common. But, a lot of us still only have one printer. Fortunately, adding a printer to a home network is now possible, allowing you to print from any computer without the hassle of moving your documents or hardware.
Contact us to set up a network printer for you.
Contact us.
Ask one of our Technical Expert to help set up your printer.
Yes, it really is that easy. You won’t need to leave your home, or invite any strangers into it. Everything PC Tech Specialist does—from fixing computer problems, big or small, to connecting your peripherals, like a printer—happens remotely over your broadband Internet connection. You’re free to watch as we connect to your computer and set up your network, or you can do whatever you’d like. PC Tech Specialist helps you save time by fixing problems or setting up devices like:
  • HP wireless printers
  • Epson wireless printers
  • Bluetooth printer problems
  • HP wireless printers
  • Samsung wireless printers
  • HP Office jet wireless all-in-one printers
  • Canon wireless printers
  • Linksys print server issues
  • Lexmark all in one wireless inkjet printers
  • HP all-in-one wireless printer
  • Wireless color laser printers
  • Networking issues
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.1 connection problems
  • Setting Up Your Wireless Printer
Wireless printers allow you to print from your laptop PCs or non-wired desktop PCs. Many use a wireless router to network your devices together. There are some that use Bluetooth pairing however, which wouldn’t require you to have a router. With these wireless all-in-one printers, you can easily scan, print and fax within a limited range.
But whether you’re using a printer with built-in wireless capabilities, Bluetooth or a wireless printer adapter, everything will still need to be set up so all of your devices can “talk” to one another.
Here’s where PC Tech Specialist can help.
Have a Wireless Printer Hookup for a Non-Wireless Printer, Too
If your current USB printer is still serving you well, but you wish you could enjoy the amenities that a printer with built-in WiFi offers, you can. It’s possible to purchase a Bluetooth USB adapter that plugs into your current printer’s USB port. This swaps out a USB cable for a wireless solution. Look for one at your favorite electronics store. Your new Bluetooth device will still need to be “paired” with your computer, however, before it can work. If you need help in doing this, let us know. We’ll have you enjoying your new wireless printer freedom in no time.

Sandeep Srivastava certified techs will solve your printer issues remotely. Our reasonably priced and efficient services will provide you unlimited access to a host of highly qualified experts. This will leave you with the resources to concentrate on your core activities.
Printer Support Service Features:
  • Diagnose cause of issues &problems of printers
  • Remotely repair and reinstall driver software for printers
  • Help you take printouts of valuable data quicker.
  • Fix the printer issues which occur while you work on your PC
  • Recommend software and tools to prevent data loss and improve productivity
  • Printer Issues that we clear for you
  • General Printer Support and Installation
  • Printer Technical Help and Troubleshooting
  • Printer Setup and Repair
  • General Printer Service and Errors Fixing
  • Solving Printer Problems and Printer Networking Issues
  • Printer Configuration Issues
  • Printer Issues that we clear for you
  • Brother, Kodak Sharp
  • Canon Konica Toshiba
  • Dell Lanier Xerox
  • Epson Lexmark Samsung
  • Fuji Okidata Savin
  • HP Panasonic IBM